I was watching Morgan Freeman last night on Oprah’s Master Class episode and realized that life IS what happens to you while you are busy making plans.  And if you pay attention to life, your dreams are more likely to come true.  He wanted to be an actor from when he was a young child and he stayed focused and listened for the signs in life that helped him become who he is today.

What I learned from Mr. Freeman:

1)  Do you really want your dream to come true.  If so, keep reading.  If not, go take a nap 🙂

2)  Identify something everyday to work towards your dream–and pay attention to the signs along the way.  What are they telling you?

3)  Be careful of Paralysis through Analysis—If you want to write a book, start one page at a time.  If all you focus on is the final product (and I am not saying to forego your vision)–you will become overwhelmed and pessimistic about the possibilities–Think J.K.Rowlings

3) Be open and cautious about saying NEVER.  I am currently in a job that I once said I would never do. It has been the best and most rewarding job I have ever had–(Thank you providence.–Fortunately I acted at the right time!–I listened)

4) Remind yourself that dreams change forms along the way.  You can’t be too overly specific while searching. Better said, if you are overly specific, at least be flexible to providence and the willingness to alter as life happens.  My sister wanted to give back to the world and help people feel better about themselves.  She is now a Pilates instructor helping many people not only become fit and healthy but using this as physical therapy for those that need it.  She loves it!  Being a Pilates instructor wasn’t specifically her dream.  She took risks along the way, did many things that related to giving back and, now at the age of 49 is one of the most well known Pilates instructors in Spain.

5)  Be patient, persistent, courageous and committed.  Without these things….your providence has the chance of prospering as much as winning the lottery.

FYI–Morgan Freeman became an ACTOR, from his description at the age of 50.

Simply Said

To a New Ending

For those who read my very first blog post which was my VERY FIRST ever, I said I would write something everyday – Well, I reevaluated my goals and will now post something ONCE A WEEK instead….I realized that I want my posts to be relevant, meaningful and read!  After having done a bit more research, it seems that once a week will do just that.

So did I fail – am I just being lazy.  NO!.  As i have gained more knowledge, I have made changes based on the new information that I have gathered.  Some people decide that once they have said something, they must follow through in the exact same way in which they began, after all that was the commitment they made.  This can be foolish, stubborn and detrimental to success.  My attempt is to be successful.  So as i have evaluated my first week of blogging, and based on new experiences and information, I have come to understand that once a day will make my blog irrelevant and unread, this is too much for others to keep up with.  Changing your goals and objectives as you move forward and based on new insights is smart if it allows you to actually meet your original purpose.  Hindsight is 20/20–we must use it to do and be better!

So stay tuned to my now once a week Monday postings. and Here’s to a New Ending!

Simply Said