To a New Ending

For those who read my very first blog post which was my VERY FIRST ever, I said I would write something everyday – Well, I reevaluated my goals and will now post something ONCE A WEEK instead….I realized that I want my posts to be relevant, meaningful and read!  After having done a bit more research, it seems that once a week will do just that.

So did I fail – am I just being lazy.  NO!.  As i have gained more knowledge, I have made changes based on the new information that I have gathered.  Some people decide that once they have said something, they must follow through in the exact same way in which they began, after all that was the commitment they made.  This can be foolish, stubborn and detrimental to success.  My attempt is to be successful.  So as i have evaluated my first week of blogging, and based on new experiences and information, I have come to understand that once a day will make my blog irrelevant and unread, this is too much for others to keep up with.  Changing your goals and objectives as you move forward and based on new insights is smart if it allows you to actually meet your original purpose.  Hindsight is 20/20–we must use it to do and be better!

So stay tuned to my now once a week Monday postings. and Here’s to a New Ending!

Simply Said


I attended a focus group today on the use, feelings and experiences with Social Media. That isn’t the point of this blog but it is where i thought of this.

We often find ourselves trying to pick the one way, the “best” way, the most effective way, the most popular way.  In essence, trying to make decisions about the ONE thing that will make whatever we are trying to accomplish the “right” way.

I am here to tell you that there are no ONE best, right, popular ways of doing most anything.  It is combination, compilation, and collaboration that allows for success.

An example….I work at a University institution and my primary serving population are students.  We had an event on Friday night and the goal was to try to get at least 900 people to the event.  In this day, and with the age group of the people we were trying to reach, one might say that the best way, the one way to get them to attend would be through facebook and twitter.–Social Media–  What is true, however, is that while we did use twitter and facebook, we also meet in person with student organizations, and organizational units, sent personal invitation emails and talked to people by phone.  It was all of the above that allowed us to be successful.

Both/And my friends, not either/or’s!

Simply Said