Attitude of Gratitude

Why is it hard to find Attitudes of Gratitudes at work?  I have heard on occasion that being “too” thankful can be seen as “brown-nosing.”  (First, I want to know why we call it brown-nosing but I will leave that to another blog posting.).  We must monitor how often we say things like thank you, well done, what an inspiration, cool or awesome.  Apparently, if we are grateful “too” often, we are not authentic and have ulterior motives.  Who decided this?

We have concluded that those things that “should” be done don’t warrant gratitude.  In essence, if the trash needs to be taken out once a week or reconciling the budget is due and these tasks are completed, a thank you isn’t warranted.  It was expected that you do them, hence no need for gratitude.

I would like to offer that we create a different approach.  One in which we are grateful much of the time. Everyone knows that positivity and appreciation instill positivity and appreciation.  Most of us aren’t expecting gratitude for the things for which we are responsible, and don’t expect praise and appreciation. And yet, it is also true that none of us like to be taken for granted.

A good friend told me last week that none of us are promised to be here tomorrow.   Think about how often you are grateful for those around you and the work that they do.  Do you have an Attitude of Gratitude?

…thank you for reading my post…

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4 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Thank you for reminding us that we really should work on being kind and and share out gratitude as often as we can! I know that I am grateful for you!

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