Came across this today:

Thought I would expand:

T. rust—for me this means that whoever you are engaged with knows who you are.  That you can be free to process, disclose all of what you are “thinking” knowing that the person believes that you are trying to be the best that you can be.  no judgments- it’s unconditional.

H.elpful–are you trying to get to a better place—is what you are saying intended to ADD to the conversation.  Not subtract…not finding all the obstacles and problems with the situation.  This doesn’t mean that you are not identifying potential roadblocks or situations that will need to be addressed.  It means that you are addressing them to move forward.

I.nspiring–are you trying to uplift an experience, an event, a person…..giving your hundred and one thoughts on an idea, a thought, or an event is NOT uplifting.  unless, of course, you are giving suggestions about how something CAN work.

N.ecessary–why are you contributing to the conversation.  Are you REALLY trying to be helpful or are your thoughts and comments about the situation, just about your need to have an opinion.  if so, then keep it to yourself—-

K.ind–this doesn’t mean that what you have to say is going to be pleasing to the listener.  It means that you are invested enough to say it in such a way that is contributory to the conversation.  In essence, your comment is intended to be helpful.  If it is, then it is always kind and the person will know it.


Simply Said

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